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Wireless Warehouse Management for Adagio Accounting

This revolutionary product, exclusively designed for Adagio, is a sophisticated WWMS (Wireless Warehouse Management System) that integrates seamlessly with Adagio's operational Suite. This unique product provides a complete inventory management and stock location solution for small to medium size businesses. No other solution on the market provides similar functionality. Data is entered in real time through barcode scanning and posted into Adagio OE/IC/Adagio PO. WMS for Adagio extends Adagio stock location functionality, making it modern, reliable and scalable information technology solution for wholesale/retail, distribution centre or manufacturing. 

System's features 

  • Inventory items Stock Locator
  • Full cycle Lot and serial numbers control
  • FIFO/FEFO(First Expiry First Out) pick strategies
  • Wave (one product for multiple orders) pick
  • Consolidated (multiple orders at same time) pick
  • Pick to serialized shipping containers (ASN ready)
  • 100% paperless picking
  • Receipt, expiry, production dates capture
  • Item cost by lot capture
  • Inventory count analysis and reconciliation
  • Tracks warehouse picker productivity and some other KPI
  • Prints product and customer compliance shipping labels
  • Shipping charge and carrier tracking numbers capture
  • Interfaces to courier systems: UPS, FedEx, Purolator
  • Integrates with EDI Translator for Adagio  
  • System implementation, configuration and rollout can be done in just one week

WMS Manager Console 

  • View Sales/Pick Orders, post pick results to Adagio OE
  • View PO/Receipts, export receipt results to Adagio PO
  • View Location Inventory, compare inventory levels with Adagio IC
  • View/Create Cycle Counts, reconcile counted quantities with Adagio IC 
  • View Transaction Audit
  • View/Create Replenishments
  • View/Create/Edit Shipments
  • Generate ASN (Advance ship notice)
  • Generate Cross-Dock orders for remote warehouse
  • Print product , shipping labels
  • Print warehouse forms (Pick/Pack List)
  • Print shipping forms (Bill of lading, Ship manifest)
  • Export data to MS Excel
  • Import from Adagio Master Tables


Mobile handheld device applications

  • Pick
  • PO Receipt
  • Receipt
  • X-Dock Receipt
  • Assembly/Disassembly
  • Adjustment
  • Move
  • Inventory Count
  • Warehouse Transfer
  • Inter-Company Transfer
  •  Lookup
  • Consolidated Shipping
  • Container Management

Picking an order.


Reference materials

WMS Data Sheet

WMS User's Guide

WMS Shipping Add On functional specification

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